Monday, April 2, 2012

Overcoming a part of Mental Illness

Overcoming mental illness requires being supported by those who have understanding of the trials and tribulations of those who are mentally ill. Those who are of a mental illness must make known the stigmas associated with their lives that they care to overcome. Silence in itself is a stigma and so is the intimidation of the mentally ill. When mental illness is discovered of a family member or friend, we must first understand that the person may face a life time struggle and that we should not go without understanding their illness if we are to be a part of their life.
We as the mentally ill, as consumers have to be our own advocates as well, bringing realization to light that we are still human, struggling within the boundaries of stability and maintaining a balance to keep acceptance a part of our lives and respect as well.
As stigma is judgment made by someone or a group of a people towards a group or individual and we must understand that it is detrimental to anyone persons self esteem and that it only exist because of some personal quality or trait that is disliked of another person. So you may know the person passing this judgment may have a problem they don’t want to share or may want to keep hidden is then again a self stigma and this can be just as destructive to the individual creating a negative judgment of someone or group of people. You can even judge yourself, having a mental illness and find within yourself a lack of understanding, violence even discrimination.
Some of the ways to overcoming stigma is self admittance of having an illness and not being afraid to seek help. Don’t fear being labeled and carry no shame, don’t feel you are weak because you have a mental illness, education and counseling are strengths which you can use to connect with others who may have a mental illness and this is a part of your own self esteem in overcoming the judgmental.
Written by Donald Sammons


  1. I've been fortunate in that I haven't been directly stigmatized in my community mainly because I keep to myself. But I do find myself struggling with low self esteem and I definitely isolate myself on purpose. Recently I've made a friend, who is very, very cool but still I get anxious when I'm with her. It seems I can only relax with my brother and one other long term friend mainly because I've known them since before I became ill. So I'm not working with an external opponent, but with an internal one. Writing in my blog and following other blogs related to mental illness and health is something that gives me strength.

  2. Stigma Sucks. Why is SZ one of the last holdouts? Where are the famous people who suffer (you know there have to be some contemporary stars who have it)? Where are the public service announcements?
    I think things are changing. I just wish they'd hurry up!