Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Instant Gratification

They sent me this link about the internet and instant gratification. It has nothing to do with mental illness. Although it is something we all want with high technology these days. I know for me at home I have a hard time on my computer because it is not that fast. I have to keep myself from hitting the button when pages are slow to load. This was very interesting in that sense.
This is more about speedy answers and instant gratification. On Google there are over three billion searches done each day. They answer 34,000 questions each second. They say: “When questions aren’t answered quickly, people ask less: Google found that slowing search results by just 4/10ths of a second would reduce the number of searches by 8,000,000 a day.” They would lose a lot if they slowed down. They also say that “1 in 4 people abandon a web page that takes more than four seconds to load.” My computer at home is so slow.
I do not abandon pages that much, although I have learned to wait longer when I need to get things done. I also have to be careful at home that I do not click too much when I am waiting for a page to load that I do not click too many times or two or more pages load and it is slower than if I just clicked once. Life with technology sure has changed the way we do things nowadays. “In a survey conducted by USA Today, the majority of Americans would not wait in line longer than 15 minutes. Half would not return to an establishment that kept them waiting.” People want it now not later.
This part though is a little sad “1 in 5 admitted to being rude to someone serving them" “Too Slowly.” Can’t you just move a little faster I am in a hurry. We are always nowadays in a hurry to go someplace. Even walking I find people in a hurry. They always pass me by. No time to slow down and enjoy the day and weather. Everything is always moving fast now days. As I said in a way earlier blog I wanted recovery to happen fast also. It is part of recovery though that it not happen too fast.

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  1. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for posting this. I appreciate the opportunity to remember that many of us don't have a good opportunity for awesome internet access. Trying to find a way to have video on a web page that has text can be hard.

    Marty (under development, but I work on it some every week.) Thanks again.