Monday, April 23, 2012

Using Drugs and Mental Health

The outlook in the Mental Health System today tends to differentiate as to the knowledge and attitude of the mentally ill in the system about illegal drug use and those who are of authority in dealing with illicit drugs. People with only a slight knowledge or no experience with Mental Health whom have a mental health problem are usually frightened, afraid or uncomfortable about the subject of illicit drug use. On the other side of the coin, consumers or clients who have a mental health problem or family members who are sufferers often believe this is a subject of stigmatization and usually feel they are being cast aside or are in need of further support because of their drug use or the illicit use by family or friends. Knowledge of the mental health system as far as mental health is concerned is also a matter of the media of which the youth of today and those whom have never been exposed to the mental health system find it both fearsome and are often awe stricken at the same time, having not much knowledge as to what causes mental illness and how such illness’ are controlled in consumers. Many people today only have the Media’s ideas of the practices and conditions to base their knowledge on and with this, some mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and stress are seen as common, rather than something which may be debasing or life threatening to and individual, consumer or client. Other conditions such as schizophrenia, bi-polar or psychosis are seen as extreme, especially when associating with people with such illness’, or those who have experienced drug use or are currently using. Most people do not seek help or treatment when they begin to experience symptoms of these particular illnesses until their experience becomes a serious problem requiring professional help as seen by family members or friends. The different drugs used today seem to equate to different mental health illness’, such as schizophrenia and depression which always been seen to be caused by certain illegal drugs. Much of the understanding in one aspect deals with mental health problems and the influences on people and their usage of drugs, yet this will vary by the kinds of drugs and the influence of acceptance or rejection of the used substances by users. There are long term symptoms and short term symptoms which result in the side effects from the use of illicit drugs as with any medication. Be aware your choice is a part of your health, where you can find a better life with fewer problems without self destruction or hearsay. Written By Donald S.

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