Monday, August 6, 2012

Saving Your Life from Nicotine

BEFORE I GET INTO The BLOG, I WOULD LIKE TO REMIND OUR READERS THAT The RECOVERY BLOG IS MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION: OUR BLOG WILL CONTINUE FROM OUR NEW HOME: I have been a tobacco user since I was 10 years old. I have always had nervous tension, and have experienced anxiety from time to time and to this day I still smoke cigarettes, though I have tried to quit a few times in my life. The feelings of tension were a bit too much to go without having to smoke to relieve the tension I was facing and so I have ceased searching for a reason to quit even it becomes a reason of personal health. I have spoken to doctors about quitting, and have purchased patches, and other smoking aids to end my smoking, yet to no avail; I am addicted to tobacco and I am also a mental health consumer.
People with mental illnesses use more tobacco than those who have no mental illness and are less likely to quit smoking. Mental health consumers who are nicotine users have a greater mortality rate than the greater population as a whole. It is believed that because of biological and psychological reasons and because of certain other social reasons that there is a higher use of tobacco products among people with mental illness, including teen-agers and adolescents. Someone once said to me that smoking cigarettes and or other nicotine like products is just a cheap way to run from other problems or even more to find something other to do. For reasons of certain biological reasons which are neurobiological, the use of nicotine makes it harder to quit especially with complicated withdrawals.
Nicotine affects people who may be schizophrenic and these affectations tend to lessen negative symptoms of which they suffer from. It is has been published that nicotine enhances concentration and learning, yet this is said of persons suffering with psychotic disorders or cognitive dysfunctions or suffering from side effects from certain medications. Don’t think that I am pro-tobacco because I am a smoker; I do not like smoking at all and don’t think anyone should take up the habit simply because of the many negative attitudes that go with smoking and using other products. Other factors include nicotine’s effect on moods, feelings of pleasure and individuals seeking self medication.
Nicotine might relieve tension temporarily and anxiety not to mention other negative feelings which I have yet to experience, and I know I use lot throughout the day, yet other reasons are social, being a part of a group or participating in social functions. These are stigmas, such as not being able to quit smoking and stress as well. Try to change your life as a nicotine user; it’s the one experience to keep with self respect without it.
Written by Donald S.


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    1. This is the 2nd time I have posted this.
      The county of San Diego has established a $20 bonus for those with mental illness to stop smoking, or take a cessation class. None of the members I asked are interested at all in the money. And they are flat broke. They feel they need nicotine for the side effects. So good to see a study that reflects this