Monday, February 25, 2013

Recovery with Understanding

I felt this blah feeling inside as if loneliness was a door to door salesman without any commodities. I realized being a mental health consumer, you have to find your niche, or a special group of people who understand, and don’t think about having an illness; that is, carrying the weight of being mentally ill, or being different. We are a different breed of people as I see it, many of us are loners, many cannot find themselves out of the rut of chemical dependency, others still try to live their lives as a family unit, having become married or being single parents. The wondering has begun and I am curious about what am I suppose to be doing? Writing a blog, cleaning my apartment, socializing with strangers on the bus route, going where there are other strangers who are wondering life about the same as I.
Recovery is a small part of the reclamation of life. It is defined very well, yet I must leave the room where I have had my psychotherapeutic sessions, I must take the medications to maintain my stability and pull myself together as many mental health consumers do and try to carry on with my life. What is Recovery? “Recovery in mental health is different than recovery of physical health”. Recovery in mental health means staying in control of your life even though you may be experiencing mental health issues.
Putting recovery in action means, you are focusing on caring, support and building a friendship with people who are facing similar mental health problems. There really is no one definition to Mental Health Recovery but there is a guiding light and that is hope, working towards what is possible to rebuild a meaningful life in spite of being mentally ill. Recovery is a principle of spirituality, belief, commitment and support.
As I sit alone, I think that I must go beyond existing; I must set new goals and develop new relationships which will influence and change my life as well as others. I must always be in search of a newer meaning of life in order to accomplish something new. Someone once told me that, I may carry my illness for the rest of my life and thought I might not control what may be the signs of the disease of illness, yet I can have control over my life. There may be limits, but we can look beyond those boundaries to help others and help ourselves to recognize our goals and dreams. We are traveling into the realm of self recognition and with what we experience we also grow.
Written by Donald S.


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