Monday, February 4, 2013

What to do – Facing Stress

Have you ever noticed how much time it takes for you to remember a small detail or if you have a hard time concentrating on a project? Are you over anxious or have racing thoughts or worry a lot? I go through this maze of symptoms enough to cause myself anger and overwhelming feelings. I have explored these and other symptoms (checking reality) and found that stress is not only made up of what are called Cognitive symptoms, yet can be found to be of Emotional symptoms as well. There are physical symptoms such as overeating or not eating at all, nausea and sleeping problems as well as isolation or neglect and last but not least, drug use, excessive alcohol and or smoking. I tend to see myself as not a stress filled person, yet I have these symptoms tying me to a post at times causing me to wonder how and why instead of finding some other direction to turn without worry by working my problems out or understanding the emotions themselves.
I do admit at times I am under stress, during the weekends when I wouldn’t rather be anywhere except at home working or trying to relax from the work week past, yet others would rather see me out and about town, yet I tie myself down and withdraw from the world only to become somewhat depressed. I am shutting down for the moment yet I feel the pressure of having to be where I don’t want to be and I know this stressful time is affecting my mind, body and the way I behave with others and myself being alone.
Stress is good at most times, when you are challenged in some game or sport, at work meeting deadlines. It helps you to think more clearly or concentrate, yet there is a line drawn where stress can debilitate you health, your attitude, how you conceive on the job even your personal relationships.
What causes stress are situations and the pressures of life, either personal or social and these are called stressors. “We can look at stressors as anything that is negative from exhausting work to bad relationships. Anything that puts you into high demand or a forceful mode which causes you to make changes can cause of stress.”
You may understand what may be stressful to you, yet the same situation of another person may not be stressful at all. To live with your stress might take up stress management, which helps in relaxing the mind and understanding your own emotions. You can learn relaxation techniques, meditation and deep breathing exercises to relax your physical body in order to gain the self confidence you need to face the world without being negative or physically feeling under the weather. Stress beyond fun can ruin you day, find the time to relax.

Written by Donald S.

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