Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I wrote last week what happened when I had stress before my mental illness in this blog.  I will talk some more today about stress and how it affects me and others.  This article  gives some examples of stress and how to overcome it.  As I wrote last week I do not have all the answers to give someone when they are facing stress.  I can only be a sounding board.
What do you tell someone when they have no job, no money and they have kids to feed.  You can say it will get better.  That is all.  As I wrote in last week’s blog the biggest stress I ever had was facing twenty four years in prison.  It made me forget a person I knew well.   Today if I get stressed I usually will try and put it in the back of my mind and watch a movie or if I am really stressed it is music time.  That helps me forget and let the problem ruminate in the back of my mind it is where I do the best.
I know how problems in the subconscious will wake you up in the middle of the night and you will say why I am I awake.  Then the problem will come to light.  I just try and think of something else and get back to sleep.  It is not that easy for a lot of people.  Usually by morning I will feel better about the problem.  Sleep does wonders for me.  Everyone is different.  You would not be able to tell that I have a mental illness my Geodon works wonders for me.  I take it two or three hours before I want to sleep and I sleep.  I know when I do not take it because I cannot sleep and I will go look and make sure I took it.
I do not have the problem of stress with it like I had when I took moban.  Then when my turtle died it affected me and I could not sleep until early the next morning and had to take a PRN for that.  Now I do not have that problem.  I often wonder would I be tired if I did not have to take my medicine I will never try to find out because of bringing my mental illness back.  Although I see how family and friend react to loss of sleep and I do not have that problem.  I will yawn sometimes although that is with at least eight hours of sleep.
I wish there was some way that everyone with a mental illness did not have problems.  I mean negative problems.  If this illness did not happen when I was already twenty eight and happened earlier would I have went to college would I have done so well?  My mom is my sounding board when I went through college and even now.  I believe we all have to have someone to tell are problems to and the relief we have afterwards when we get it off our chest.  Then the answers will usually come to me after I got it off my chest.

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