Monday, March 11, 2013

Emotional Strength: Handling Criticism

Have you been the kind of person who admires or envies people who accept criticism? I myself was never the kind of person to accept any kind of critical remark or feedback for that matter, even if it was truth. Even as I might sit before my own boss who might critique my work or attitude, I would begin to have negative thoughts, and then I would become defensive with rationalizations of my actions. Anger is the worst of anyone’s reactions’ to taking constructive criticism which may involve even a physical altercation.
We can go beyond the negative acceptance of criticism and identify our weaknesses and how to bolster our strengths, being able to handle criticism with calmness and doing so professionally helps to maintain not only our mental health yet also working relationships both on the job and personal.
Before you react to any sign of criticism, don’t! Just stop any reaction you are having and let yourself know you must stay calm. Know that feed back is constructive criticism which is meant to help you improve your skills and relationships and to also help you meet certain other criteria expected of you.
Listen wisely and do not interfere with the person who is giving you this criticism. Do so without interruption. When they have completed what they have to say, let them know you have heard what they have said and let them know you are understanding what has been said and the perspectives they have shown you.
When we face Constructive Criticism we often times forget this is a learning experience about our weaknesses and we should remember that without it we do not grow or improve. Remembering that being defensive, we are closed to what’s most important to be learned and that feedback, “criticism” is not always easy to give just as well as receiving such, but it brings about change and with that comes the knowledge of becoming a better and more learned person.
Written by Donald S.

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