Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thinking Positive

This is a follow up to Donald’s blog  Optimism we all need it.  I like to think I have it after reading positive books for quite a few years.  I bought and own at least thirty six positive books.  I know that things will always get better.  To me it is when will they  get better. I have a lot of things although one is not patience.  Or maybe I do because I remember telling a friend that was having problems that if she read positive books in years she would work out her problems.  She said “I do not have ten years” I thought well what else you would be doing in those ten years.
It is better to start and try and change things than to not and just hope things get better.  I know that work on themselves is not what a lot of people want to do and it is the same with me.  I remember the state hospital and all the work and time why could they just not let me go.  If they had I might have been one of those revolving people in and out never getting the message what real freedom is.  There are some things we can change and if it takes time is it not better to do something than nothing?  I do not get to feeling as down in the dumps these past years not as bad as I used to before I read positive books.
I really was a negative thinker and nothing could go right.  I wrote to the positive book magazine when I was in the state hospital and started getting the magazine and I shared them when I was done.  They had stories of people succeeding and that is what a person needs when you are locked up.   They helped the time go by and know that things would be better.  When I was released I started buying Norman Vincent Peale’s books.  When I start collecting I really collect.  I even mediated back then.  If you would have knew me I was always thinking that nothing could go right.  I was just a negative thinker.  The books really helped.
I did not become a millionaire and get everything I wanted.  Although if it worked that fast I would be bored.  I get by and know that I keep working on myself I will get better and things will always get better.  Like they say just take it a day at a time.  Know that things always do change for the better sooner or later.  Just think positive and keep pushing forward.  Right now I have everything I need.  My health is the most important thing with that I can get anything else I need.

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