Monday, March 4, 2013


My job counselor tells me she has a good prospect for a job I might be interested in. I must do a short interview, so I agree after not having the success I would have liked for searching for a job. Having skills I just learned, my counselor tells me it’s for a data entry position and that I be at my best, because the employer has a PH.D in statistics. I lowered my eyes; I only have a General Education diploma and I am not at this moment feeling so good about this interview. I filled out the application took the interview and thirty minutes later, I am told that I am hired.
This kind of scenario happens to many people in the United States. There are people who assume things get worse not better. A pessimist tends to see things negatively or they tend to blame themselves for what they are lacking or for what goes wrong and they try to pull everyone else into the same boat. There is another side to the coin, the optimist. Optimists are resilient when things are all wrong and are more the content about their lives. Optimists cope well because they have learned to cope and share with others and support others in their endeavors.
If you are thinking negatively or pessimistically depression or anxiety can set in the mind yet if you are using “cognitive restructuring” instead of being pessimistic, you may rationalize if there is a reason that any negative thought would exist, and at this point you begin to have control – “you have begun to succeed”. To become more optimistic, you can learn to meditate, staying in touch with the present without having distracting thoughts. Write your thoughts down; keep a journal about the good things that happen and explain them to yourself as reminders that good does happen in your life. Focus on the good things and you will see your way through depression or those anxious feelings you have been having.
Being positive can improve the way you feel, your emotions can become clear and being optimistic can help you to become resilient and keep you feeling a connectedness with other people. Exercising you mind to become an optimist not only helps you mentally, yet can help you both physically and emotionally.

Written by Donald S.


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