Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The News & Recovery

As far as mental health in the news all I have seen is people trying to get the insanity plea.  I guess I would too if I was facing life in prison.  You can go to the state hospital and walk the grounds and see women. Eat at the cafeteria there.  What I cannot believe is what makes them think they can be found guilty by reason of insanity.  I have been to both prison and the state hospital and I know what awaits them in both places.  Although I only had small time to do at both, I was not facing life.  Although that is the sentence they give is one day to life in the state hospital.  Unless you have a high profile case like these people do, you only do at least five years before you get a second chance at society.  I also know what being insane is like.  I will not forget as I do not want to be that way again.  I now take my medication and enjoy my grandkids.  There is too much life to throw it away by committing a crime or becoming insane again.
 I’d rather be free out here taking a walk and enjoying life even if it seems hard sometimes.   The only thing I miss about the old days is my uncles.  I wish they could see how my life is now and see their grandkids.  It is more enjoyable going and watching my grandson play football.  Then just looking to get high and try and forget your troubles. I cannot wait for spring to arrive.  This winter I have not been able to walk as much and as far as I want.
Until last week I usually rented movies that are close to my apartment.  Now I am getting them as far away from my apartment as I can so I can get in my walking.  I want to lose a lot more weight this spring and summer and keep it off next winter.  My grandkids are growing up and I want to be around to see the youngest grows up.  Last week was pretty good I was able to walk for a half hour a day.  I know this winter instead of losing weight I gained a couple of pounds.  I have not weighed myself although a person knows.  Have not felt like going to the fitness center to work out just think of the cold and put it off.  
 I am taking losing weight slow and know I will lose and be at the weight I want to be in the next couple of years.  I have time out here now.  I can be a little more patient than I used to be. I am free and that is what I always wanted all those years of being locked up.  I enjoy life now and it goes on real nice. 

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