Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get Movin’

That is what this article talks about to reduce obesity in the state of Colorado.  This also has to do with recovery from mental illness.  Why because the antipsychotic medicines we take make a lot of us gain weight.   Also as we get older we find it harder to lose that weight.  The article says: “On July 11, LiveWell Colorado (, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing and reducing obesity in the state, launched the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge, an effort to motivate residents to commit to a month of physical activity.  The free online log encourages participants to do something from a list of hundreds of possible activities, from walking and gardening to more strenuous efforts such as running and rock climbing, for an average of 30 minutes a day for 30 days in August.” Right now I am walking at least six days a week.
When I noticed I was gaining and not losing anymore I started back on the treadmill.  I am on it for thirty minutes.  This last Saturday it said that I had lost 120 calories and on Sunday it said 125 calories.  I do not watch how many calories that I usually eat, although I noticed that if I eat my three meals a day I do not snack as much and I think that is where those extra calories come from.  Geodon that I take is supposed to be weight neutral.  I know I gained all this weight when I was on Moban.  I should have started exercising then. “It never fails to amaze me the physical, mental and emotional change that happens when people take time for themselves to be active on a consistent basis, he says.  But the Get Movin’ Challenge is designed to be just that, a challenge.  If you feel that making time for yourself is challenge enough, then that works just fine.”  Even though on the weekends that I work out on the treadmill I still take my walks. 

I feel that should help me lose more even more.  As I said people with mental illness have a tendency to put on more weight with antipsychotics and they also get diabetes more.  That is something I want to stay away from.  That is one reason I started back on the treadmill.  Also finding a time in the early morning when no one else is on it in my building.  Right now my goal is to get back to where I was a couple of months ago.  Then I will set my goal for losing even more.  I live in a good neighborhood where you can walk to stores and other things so that helps.  If recovery is what you want then you should also exercise so you can live longer to enjoy life.  People with mental illness die 15 to 20 years younger than the rest of the population.

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