Monday, July 22, 2013

In Tune with Your Mental Health

Mental Health is described as your mental state of mind, how well you feel and how you can cope in your daily life.  I change from day to day.  One day I feel I can conquer the world, the next day I am as sluggish as a turtle.  If you have good mental health you can feel confident in yourself almost always, you are never afraid to express yourself or emotions, you have a positive outlook and relationships with others and your livelihood at home and abroad, especially at work is productive and you cope with stress, change and other uncertainties.
What takes a person such as myself or others from such positive movements, becoming unable to cope with stress or feeling “blue”?  We might have suffered some loss of a loved one or a dear friend, we might be suffering from loneliness or even still, we might have problems with a relationship.  We could even be worried about work or debts which are hard to manage, in any case we are going through a time of “bad” mental health, when we cannot cope or manage emotionally or cannot think rationally.
How to stay mentally in tune in these “bad” times is to remain resilient or to build our resilience so that we are strengthened and able to face what is difficult.  If you trust someone, talk to them about how you are feeling.  They could be friends, or family, even someone connected to the church, anyone who can give you advice which is sound and practical.  If this isn’t possible, just talking the problem through can help you to understand how you may become a better feeling person. 
We all need some kind of support, and building relationships is important in staying healthy.  Associating with people who are positive, you can build a better image of yourself and feel what it’s like to be confident and how to cope with situations which may be problematic.  If you care about people you will find they in turn will care about you and be just as supportive.  You will feel better about yourself in the long run and if you don’t have anyone to associate with or a friend, you may find that you might experience some negative feelings and if this is the case, learn and or experience something new, such as a hobby, which can build knowledge, patience and a way to share with others who share the same liking of such an activity or hobby.  This direction becomes a new challenge which has meaning for you and in your sharing has meaning for new friends who can help support you as you associate with them. 

Written by Donald S

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