Monday, July 1, 2013

How Castles Are Built

Many people in our society would like to change their lives. Changing your life through Recovery takes self control and self control is having will power, the near mystical ability to change and achieve our goals. Will power is not really mystical in its sense, it is self control, the ability to set and maintain the destination towards our goals and the ability to make changes in our life style. Many of us today state that because we lack will power, or don’t have the reasoning to make the changes in our lives that we would care to, that we don’t and therefore do not succeed in achieving our goals. It’s not that we give up on making our changes which may be imperfect; the reason is we haven’t learned will power or self control to build our strength through such practice, or we don’t have enough time to build will power or self control in our lives. You don’t get will power in one day, learning from a book or a self control guru or therapist. The lack of will power isn’t the only reason you may not reach your goals, it’s the need first of all of motivation and mindfulness to have honest goals, secondly you need to establish self-discipline to maintain a standard of behavior to reach that goal and third, you need to understand will power or having self control. There are many different kinds of names for will power; self control and self-discipline are just two of them, yet will power can be defined as:
• The capacity to override an unwanted thought, feeling or impulse
• Conscious effort regulation of the self by the self
These are just two definitions about will power.
It was found in a study given by researchers of Duke University of individuals who were followed from birth until the age of 32 who were studied in New Zealand. They found that as these individuals being studied had a greater sense of will power that they were physically healthier as well as mentally. There were fewer drug abusers, and fewer individuals were prone to criminalities. As we proceed in life as individuals who care to change our lives through Recovery, we must understand we have dealt with our own short comings and must learn to apply ourselves, with discipline and control in order to overcome old barriers and utilize our strengths and determination to meet our goals in life.

Written by Donald S.

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