Monday, July 29, 2013

Stability and Aging

When people think of disability, they usually think of someone as having a difficulty, such as managing their life or being dependent upon the government or society which is necessary for everyday living, and with the growing numbers of people who are classified as disabled, researchers feel it’s time to define new strategies which would prevent and slow down the rate of people becoming disabled. 
In the past, research has displayed that unhealthy behaviors, such as (poor diet, smoking, and lack of physical activity) have a negative effect on the health of people.  Obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke, drug abuse leads to death and even such increases unhealthy behaviors. There have been researchers from France and the UK whom have done studies which were to investigate relationships of unhealthy behaviors and disability for over a decade.  They studied a community of older people (65 years or older) and interviewed them about their lifestyle, smoking habits, their diet, physical activities and alcohol use.”
There were three levels of disability: (1) mobility, (2) activities of daily living and (3) basic living.  Mobility was defined as heavy or strenuous activities that are heavy housework, walking, or climbing stairs.  Daily Living was defined as using the phone, managing medications and use of money, use of public transport, shopping, preparing meals and doing laundry.  Basic Living included bathing, dressing, toileting and eating.  Anyone that participated in the study was considered disabled if they could not perform at least one activity without help.
In the Mental Health system in the US, we face the world of the disabled with somewhat open hands and mind to give those who are disabled a fighting chance, not only to exist in their own space, but to become educated in caring for themselves not only before they reach and elderly age, yet while they are growing before they become elderly.  As we know most disabled people find it hard to care for themselves, through education and the Mental Health system today, we can reduce the unhealthy behaviors and unstable behaviors which have come about through Mental Illness.  Though consumers may have a disability, they are given a chance to grow resilient and understanding especially of their illness.  As unhealthy behaviors exist, these behaviors can be slowly changed as the individual becomes more independent and stable in his or her life. 

Written by Donald S

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