Monday, April 19, 2010

Health & Recovery II

I’m writing again about health and recovery, because there are a lot of articles online about diet, diabetes, exercise and mental health. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, people with mental distress die approximately twenty five years earlier than the rest of the population. It is not because of the mental illness, but because of heart disease, complications of diabetes and other health risks. What I’ve learned though is that everything should be done in moderation. Exercise at least three times a week. I say that because of a news segment I watched in where young people were throwing a baseball everyday for hours at a time and they hurt their arm. If they had worked out in moderation, they would probably have not been hurt. I believe they will get the same effect if not better. I still ride the exercise bike, but I am moving this week and although I will still have a fitness center, they do not have an exercise bike, so I will mostly likely use the treadmill there. If I have to use a diet, I would use the Mediterranean diet, which implies exercise, activity, healthy nutrition and natural products. I do walk downtown and sometimes the five blocks here to work, when the bus is late. I could use more activity though. I still have chocolate bars and cheesecake once in a while. I also still have my fruits and nuts. I have incorporated blueberries once a week and take fish oil capsules not everyday just about three times a week. That way nature can give what they may take away. I also use organic milk and butter. I am also looking into eat wild meat that is grass fed and shipped in Colorado for free. As I said before I use olive oil now also fruits that are in season. I try not to get stressed, that is where music and meditation come in. Otherwise I eat food for comfort. I think that is how I put on that extra four pounds last month instead of losing. I haven’t weighed since then, but I am sure I lost those and hopefully at least two more. I will keep doing everything in moderation and am still open to new ideas. My daughter ask me how long do you want to live and I say till my sixteen month old grandson gets married. I hope it is a while.

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