Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stigma or Prejudice

Prejudice and stigma is the same thing. Why do people make fun of or pick on somebody because they are different? Is it because they do not understand them or fear they will be like them. Even if they are alright to begin with, they must not have no conscience. If they did would they not say but for the grace of God it is not me. Stigma and prejudice are bad whether it is for a mental illness, because you are of another race or if you have muscular dystrophy or anything wrong with a human being. It keeps repeating in society, because grown ups show kids how to keep on stigmatizing or being prejudice. It never stops. You would think everyone would celebrate everyone being different. If we were all the same would it not be a very boring world? Even though people do not understand mental distress, I am glad I have it, because it has taught me so much. All the people who I have met along the way of recovery, I learn from them and hopefully have touched their lives also. You can learn something from anybody, no matter if they are black or white, insane or sane.

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