Monday, April 5, 2010

With Patience I will walk

I thought I was upon my rock; above the sky, never alone. I found myself staring into the storm, without some kind of idea as to how to survive. I walked into the cold and daring world with nothing, as a child out to play into the day of morning without friends, without charity, without thinking. I didn’t take faith or patience or wisdom with me; there was no time, in order to keep living. Have you gone this way to achieving perfection in your life?
Patience is compassion for what is now and what will be! Because we have imagination, we see ourselves, as well as the world, upon mountains or crossing vast oceans. To get from one extreme to the next takes time. We often imagine ourselves becoming the image of being perfect, this is how we get from one shore to the next. If you are pressuring yourself to achieve your goals of perfection or a new life, then you have met with impatience. Someone else has knocked on your door!
It’s best to relax. Life as it is said is a journey and its one you’re never done with. We have desires and dreams in reality, its part of being human; so is the waiting, and this is a part of reality also. When we realize that a footstep from here to there is never complete, then we will begin to have compassion for the next. Patience is our journey, it’s not the motion of getting there; it’s the joy of the motion. Patience is thought.
By: Donald Sammons
April 4, 2010

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