Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family and Recovery

What I’ve been thinking about lately is my family and recovery. My aunt told me recently that one of the reasons I recovered and changed my life around was because of my mom, dad and the rest of my family. She said my uncle who is dead did not have his mom and dad around when he was young. He did not have a good shot of turning his life around even though he tried. I also always wish he was still around to see how I made it. My family has been there for me through the ups and downs that I have gone through. The same holds true of my grandchildren, they have been staying with me most weekends since they were babies. They not only provide me with company. They also get me up doing things like cooking big meals. It is something I like to do if I know people enjoy what I make. When my grandkids come over I get to cook big meals and their favorites. I also get to keep busy doing other things when they are around. I am going to start cooking big meals again at least once a month from now on. Until you stop and think you do not realize how much your family means to you or even thinks of you. Two of my grandchildren just had a birthday party and my aunt showed up even though she was not feeling a hundred percent, because she did not want to disappoint me. If my family had not been there, I do not know if I would have recovered to the extent that I have. There were a lot of people who told my family just let him sink or swim. Do not help him anymore. As you can tell they did not.

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