Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sick and Recovery

I am just getting over being sick with a sinus infection. I get them once a year, because of my allergies. I was only home for two days and was getting bored with TV. I was not up to doing my recording or anything else, like talking on the phone to family and friends. All this and Donald’s blog had me thinking about my old friends in the building I use to live in. I first moved into that building back in 1994, it was still mostly elderly residents. Although they had to open it up to people with disabilities, because of the Americans with Disabilities Act. A lot of people who were there when I first moved in have died or moved away. I still go there twice a year to keep in touch with the friends and learn about friends who have moved away like me. When I first moved there I was going to college and everyone who worked there does not now. I had no plans on moving from there. I was kind of forced out by the new manager who also was a friend or so I thought. I do not believe she learned the lessons me and my friends did about friendship and helping others. I watched her start there as a receptionist and work her way up to manager. As a manager she changed. She has since quit after I left. That is the only reason I am allowed to go visit my friends. I hope I never change, because good friends are hard to come by.

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