Monday, March 28, 2011

Growing in Recovery

I wanted to think I was proud of myself after spring break, yet before the fall of my own ego. My self esteem had risen as had my grades and acquaintances could care the more or less. There are many episodes we face in life. Life itself, death, joy, heartbreak and there are others which cause us to break away from one emotion to the next. It’s as if we are watching a movie and with our own eyes, relating to one emotion to the other. At most when people interact, in our contact, we become not only judgmental of one another; we also define one another sometimes without pity or respect. During the regrouping (Recovery Stage) we find ourselves lost in defining how people look at us. Old acquaintances, “new friends”, even family members, as well as fellow employees, even strangers, we have been judged, yet while we are growing, we are defining what we see of life, how we see ourselves. This is the time people who have handicaps need strength and truth to build their hopes, so that they are unafraid with the same regard. Believing in different techniques to change and do the best you can is being motivated and willing to accept the challenge of conquering attitudes of failure or actions which are impulsive. Acceptance has more than one meaning as well and in the methodologies of the concepts of behaviorism it means you can accept yourself in the world amongst other human beings. Being aware mindfulness means we should look back and on the inside of ourselves and about us and understand at that instant not yesterday or the future. Belief is the key word which forms a relationship between itself and knowledge accepting your philosophy and what is relative to you-truth. Written by Donald Sammons

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