Monday, June 28, 2010


We have grown from childhood, walking other hallowed halls, daring ourselves to grow even more. Some of us are stricken by poverty and are beginning to learn its meaning and begin fighting the wars within the mind before we are 15 years of age; watching the eyes and minds of others untested of starvation, large families dilapidated homes and a lack of money; without work, while the streets and her hero’s guide those who slowly succumb to pain, drugs or alcoholism others reach for mental seclusion.
Some people change their lives, even the affluent become of the ghetto, while the many cling to another bolstering strength to win the world as even the poor with a bit more to say about it. The poor are of another mighty storm, yet trying to gather the soils to cross the vast ocean of life, discovering lore and the twisted motions of monopoly from street vendors of many walks of life, without inventions; only the wares passed around by others with smiles that turn skeptics.
Outcomes can cause the weak to turn and reach out, through arguments within themselves, with a need for recovery from the aberrations of their illness, Outcomesmhcd.Adult Becoming a consumer of the Mental Health System and understanding hope, what causes the illness, how to change the realm they have grown into, to progressing to a much more positive world and growing with faith beyond the fallen world they had once chosen, is the miracle of change one many have worked towards to overcome their illness.
Accepting help is the greatest test, simply because it is not a bounty of treasure you first choose to receive, this is a test, receiving a decent place to live, through city and state offices, searching and receiving employment, with some one else’s helping hand guiding you, becoming educated, starting over again, while fighting the old virtues’ and conundrums, of other lives and most of all doing all of that without the use of drugs, without the use of pain.

Getting away from the veils of other eyes you have peered into, of people whom you have smiled with while slowly depressing the inexact nature of your knowing, is hard even to shake hands with those that don’t care, can cause a person to understand there has to be a positive outcome to accept, so that changes can be made, and you can be seen as a changed person.

Tell him to live by
Yes and no—
Yes to everything good,
No to everything bad.
Written by William James
By Donald Sammons

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