Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Employment II

I am writing again about employment, because it is a subject that keeps coming up. There is a good side to being on Social Security, if you only want to work part time. You or your employer does not have to worry about benefits. The bad side is if you get a bad case manager that does not understand how to process your pay stubs, then you are not too happy. If you are on Social Security and have a part time job and lose then that has to be extremely hard. Also without Social Security and a part time job if you get sick, that has to hurt your situation to. Doing my research I have come across a few blogs about working and having mental distress. On one of the blogs the person finished college before they were mentally distressed. That resulted in him not being stable on his medication for ten years, and he went through quite a few jobs. Good jobs that he should have been happy with. Although it was not until he was put on a newer medication that worked, was he able to hold a job for three years so far. Employment especially in this economy is hard whether you have mental distress or not. If you are not stable with your medication it is even harder to hold a job. There are some people who say employment is part of recovery. Do you think it is part of recovery and you need to be stable on your medication in order to stay employed?

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