Monday, June 14, 2010

A Process of Recovery

Have you ever thought about how many people you know have grown as you have? People who have overcome obstacles which were destructive, physically or mentally, even materially, economically? I have had an on-going illness for many years, and I wonder the people I have met along the way, most whom I’ll never see again, others whom I care not to know. Those I care not to know, I wonder if it’s my illness that intercedes in my caring about them and others I sigh about, sometimes in happiness, other times in sadness.
Realizing that having a mental illness can intercede in relationships is one step in knowing you will know what to do to ensure that you do not lose happiness and become overwhelmed by sorrow. This involves acceptance, which is a part of being happy and content. As the days and weeks and years go by, so do people and what should we have to say about it. If we accept change, we continue to grow. If we fight and struggle within against what should be of life, especially our own, harboring discontent, envy, jealousy and sorrow all our days, then we are struggling and within us this causes harm.
In Recovery, admittance, belief, hope, faith and acceptance are principles which help us to grow spiritually; we become content through our understanding and we realize we are not alone in our journey.
*“No man chooses evil
Because it is evil
He only mistakes it
For happiness
The good he seeks”

*Mary Shelly-- 1797-1851

By Donald Sammons

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