Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recovery Conference 2010: Resilience

I attended recently a Recovery Conference held by MHCD in Denver, Colorado. I am a consumer of MHCD and also an employee; and having gone alone to the conference, though there were nearly over 300 persons attending, I knew then at that time I was not alone in needing strength and maintaining my sobriety, most of all accepting reality.
I met two of the principle speakers and having known other doctors and clinicians which attended besides nurses, I did not feel like the “lone stranger” in my endeavors’ of learning something new to make my life seem more meaningful to myself and to others. Learning that Resilience plays a major part in recovery along with Spirituality gave wind to optimism, which made life a bit more meaningful, when you realize you have lived through illness, both physical and mental, and must remain strong.
I understood throughout one of the speakers’ agenda that we have to “live the moment of life we live” and that “wishful thinking” is not optimistic and that we should lean towards realism—that is truth. Spirituality and Religion is the “realm of human experience” understanding to create with the power of the spirit and knowledge which is good and most positive in prayer and meditation not something negative or destructive to the peace we sojourn to seek.
Both speakers and all involved agreed that, everyone should remain positive in thought and strive with hope and that we should practice compassion, seeking emancipation from the “sick role” being lived, so that we renew our faith, our understanding of spirituality, live in truth, our belief and have a purpose in life.
“If you think you know it,
If you don’t,
Think again and regale.”

Donald Sammons
May 30, 2010

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