Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happiness & Hope

Happiness is something we all strive for. It does not matter if we have mental distress, because if we are recovering that brings us happiness. I’m happy every day because I am recovered and get to enjoy my family. Especially my grandkids, they sure do make you smile and laugh a lot. I know it really must be hard when you are depressed to then make yourself happy does not work. Then I guess you have to have hope that you will be able to recover your happiness. When I was in the State Hospital, if it were not for my family, I probably would not have had as much hope to push myself forward. To make something different with my life and would also have to thank a few of the staff there that believed in me and what I wanted with the rest of my life. I believe if you keep pushing forward with hope you will achieve happiness. Well I have to have hope again with this Social Security problem. I went to talk to them yesterday and the person I talked to tried to add up and figure what they were saying. He told me: “this is all screwed up, give me some time to work on it and keep your pay stubs and do not pay anything.” Now I have to have patience, hope, and more happiness when they figure I do not owe anything. I will ask for that in writing as much as they go back and forth. Happiness and hope allow us to move forward not backwards.

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