Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The System

A person could get depressed or go crazy trying to figure out Social Security. The benefits counselor I told you about last week cannot help me. I have to go see Social Security in person. When I try to straighten it out on the phone they say I owe even more and are not going to send me anymore payments. Which would be the last thing I would need, and that is to say you owe even more money that is the crazy part. I will take in the letter where they say they owe me when I go see them. Although I have to look on the bright side at least I have a job. Second I know a little about the legal system and can take the manager to court and probably win. I have friends and family and my family know what I put up with since I started working and Social Security. It was not all bad the first case manager I had did things right for me. It was when she left and this second one started on my case that it all went bad. She is no longer there either, so that is why they do not want to give me my hearing, because they have no defense. I just have to stay positive; I think it will be the last negative hurdle in my life. After it is over and I win this one, hopefully life should get better. It is just one more reason to stay out of the system if you can, because it does not want to let you go. The stress does not get me down no more. The exercise does help. How do you get rid of stress?

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