Monday, May 10, 2010

Embellishing Ego

What is ego? Ego means—I. Ego is your identity—who and what you are all about. A person with an ego can have the wrong interpretation of themselves, thus you have the saying, and “they have a really big ego!” In psychology ego is the necessary part of our mental growth, our conditioning and personality. Ego is our true face, ego is pride, the arrogance and narcissistic way we see ourselves.
In my world, realm should I say, I take a person for face value, no other explanation. Again, excuse my ego! But would somebody tell me where the stone starts to roll and when the moss starts to grow. In many cultures there exist ego, as narcissism, as arrogance, but we do not truly see the real person we are acquainted with if we make such a judgment, or others who make such judgments before us. Sometimes we see people as corrupt, even our own selves at times, yet the truth of the matter is we want to be understood, and embellishing ego is the way we make ourselves known to the rest of the world.
I assume, the key word here is important, being made felt important, accomplishing something important, sharing importance, and believing. In recovery, when we become acquainted with recovery, we have old habits; our own self importance comes before anything else. We have lived in the world of--I, for many years, and we share this—I to feel even more important, accomplishing a strength which keeps me believing in myself; and sometimes we have the wrong believes. In recovery, we learn to look at ourselves, and try to shed old nasty patterns of being—I, by reconditioning ourselves to understand and change old values. There are many different therapies, which can help a person grow beyond their own ego, if it has become destructive, if a person is left to stare into corners alone, yet the first step as in Alcoholics Anonymous as well, is recognizing you and admitting there is a need for change.
“The childhood shows the man,
As morning shows the day”
John Milton (1608—1674)

Written by Donald Sammons

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