Wednesday, May 5, 2010


How many of us have patience? I do not and wonder why. When in my old life, going to jail it was always hurry up and wait. You always had to wait to eat and stand in line. You would think after that I would have patience. All the new technology has made me lose even more patience. You can do so much now with the computer and other technology, and not have to wait as long. You can make calls on the bus and not have to look for a phone booth. Computers are they fast enough? When you are waiting for a program to do something, sometimes it is not fast enough and you hit enter again. Do they really take that long or are we just inpatient? I have not had my grandkids over for a while and this weekend they are coming over to the new apartment for the first time. When they are over I do slow down and get some patience. I have stuff recorded for them to watch, but they have it planned out. They are probably going to spend most of the weekend outside, swimming and other things. It will be good for me. Maybe I can slow down and learn some patience. Enjoy them and hopefully a nice weekend.

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