Monday, May 17, 2010

I can be happy

Since I have been a part of the mental health group I am associated with, I have for a long time wondered what can I do to alleviate those boring, long days and days of frustration I sometimes come across.
I began working in the year 2007, and I was pleased to have my time utilized, instead of sitting and wondering anymore about the world; or myself. Yet time passed and again, I felt restless and bored. I wanted to test the crowd, yet they seemed to be the same group of people I left behind in order to change my life. I thought relapse was inevitable. I became afraid and didn’t like what was on my mind. I finally took to closing myself in, and trying to shut out the world, yet I found I could not learn, and could not share. I had to make a choice.
So I picked up a smile, as I stood looking out the window one day and discovered all I had to be was me! Being me isn’t easy, being dual-diagnosed, yet I found that I enjoyed quietude, which fancied me and all the ideas I could sort through. I was afraid to realize my dream in this competitive realm of need and make believe. I had to check my dreams, were they in balance to real life. I had to learn to make waffles instead of buying “Ego’s.
Time is what is on the order, utilizing our time, the time on hand with respect to your being, in respect to others and being aware of sincerity not only to yourself, yet to others, no matter how rich or poor those others are who are or are not a part of your life. It’s all an education, and as you know there just isn’t one book with all the answers—enjoy.

Written by
Donald Sammons

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