Monday, May 24, 2010

This is Anticipation

One of the things which make me happy is that I have become strong enough to quit illicit drug use. Understanding love, caring and sincerity is hard for a growing child or teenager, even an adult to comprehend. I feel ignorant for the lack of knowledge I have, and have a fear of time as it too can be lacking as I grow older.
Reaching out for help is seeking Recovery from the darkened avenues of the mind, because of the lack of education; insincerity of self can cause a change of heart if you are willing to see where you want to go, and how far you are willing to travel. To be there you can be square, if you dare or sit in a corner with a needle in your arm with the day going by. By embracing Recovery, you close the doors to the polluted dreams churning within your own shadow and grow to realize the strength inside your being and the sincerity of others.
Through the use of psychotherapy, you can accept a caring control of your needs, while you peep through the windows and know you can change the light you are accepting, being this, your own behaviors, whether they are drug induced or other than. Some people might find you seeking professional help through psychiatry, N/A, A.A, etc., foolish, yet in a new understanding of you; you come to realize you are the one barely laughing and at what!

“There is nothing so well known as
That we should not expect something
For nothing
But we all do

Edgar Watson Howe
*Saying comes from the book:
You Can’t Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought

By Donald Sammons

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