Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You recover and you say now I want to work to further my recovery. There are a lot of benefits of recovery by working. The research says when you are working you are thinking of your job and not your distress or symptoms. A lot of times that will benefit in the reduction of your medication. Another benefit is that you are earning money and doing something with your time. Are there downsides to working? If you are on SSI you lose some of your check, because you work and earn money. Also you can only make so much before you lose your entire SSI check. If you receive SSDI you can work and keep both forms of income. On SSDI if you work full time and have benefits when you finally lose your SSDI check, because they only let you work so long you are O.K. If you work part time than you are out of luck if you do not make enough or have benefits when your time is up. You have to decide to work or quit. I believe working is part of recovery, I know I am doing even better since I started working. I started out not wanting to stay on Social Security. I can only hope I stay working. My problem is different I cannot seem to get rid of the Social Security system. Which I want to do until they day I retire. They told me about a month ago that I owed them money; I have already gone through this with them and had filed an appeal. I never heard from them until a month ago. I was ready to take them to court. Although I decided to see a benefits counselor and am waiting that decision, now I get a letter saying they owe me money. I really need clarification one way or the other so I can get on with my life and recovery.


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