Monday, May 3, 2010

Do I have a desire

Do I have a Desire?
I had a big, really big table a friend gave me. It wasn’t the color of my other furnishings that exist in the apartment, its chairs had broken, and it was really just a big table. I felt uncomfortable with the table sitting around, from one room to the next, from one corner to another, one wall to another; it just didn’t seem to fit the apartment. It had computers on it, televisions, stereos, platters of food. It was a utility I kept because, well; as I finally decided, because I was doing my friend a favor in accepting a token which didn’t fit.
I thought about it, the friendship, the table, being a token gift to help me; I thought about the way it cluttered my apartment, and made me feel claustrophobic. I finally said good-bye to it! For two years I tried to put the table out the door, give it away, even take it apart, and I finally decided to give it up—out the door!
Desires for the mentally handicap are as such, painstakingly at best, with a lot of heart in dwelled! With a lot of emotion, friendships and the math that goes with it, desires and decisions can be quite tedious. People with jobs, wives husbands, children, millionaires, kings and queens have to make decisions, they all have desires. Some people make decisions in an instant; others have desires of which, might take days or even years to decide if they are righteous for the self, for the home, for the community. Whether they are made rationally rashly, or with time, decisions and desires of the right choice count in your sobriety, your recovery and your welfare. Decisions are desires, they can be unconscious or the values you seek and they can be changed, with understanding if this is what you want.

Written by
Donald Sammons 5/2/2010

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