Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recovery & Hope

Without hope I do no believe there is recovery. You have to hope things will change for the better. Hope that you can have a good life doing what you would like to do in life. Hope you can recover and do all that you did before you had mental distress. Sometimes even do better, because you are stronger from having gone through the experience of mental distress. As you know if you read some earlier blogs, I watch and compare 70s to now days. On one show they did not want to bring children into the world back then because of over population and the war that was going on. I believe you bring children into this world so they can decide if they want to change the world for the better or like it as it is. Hope they can make everyday brighter for others. I know my grandkids do for me. I do not like what we are leaving our children and grandchildren, like debt and pollution. Hopefully we can change the world before we leave it to them. Recovery is to incorporate everything including hope, employment and managing your symptoms. Ridding yourself of harmful addictions, if you have them, and retaining employment or education to do what you want with your life. In that regards it will give you something else to concentrate on besides addiction or mental distress. Hope that all can recover and learn their triggers of their addictions or symptoms. How about you do you have Hope or think it is important in recovery?

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