Monday, June 7, 2010

Having Positive Friends

Seeking help when you feel you are alone with some sort of despondency or given help when someone understands someone is facing a problem is a sure sign that there is a person caring about another person, that you care about yourself, because you care about yourself.
One of the sayings I have always heard since I was a child is “choose your friends wisely”. The same is said in another way, *“Be with people who are going the same way you are, if they are positive or good people you will find them more of a joy to be around”.
In the Mental Health system, when going through the Recovery process, you find that many people going through Recovery have a need to find someone “new” to begin their new growing process. Even though we become close in a sense, associating with the doctors, clinicians, etc. whom have begun to earn our trust, we begin to change from negative to positive, we are feeling the encouragement of positive people, new friends.
You don’t have to give your time to anyone if you don’t want to, yet if you do, know that you don’t have to be negative. Spending your time alone or with someone, you must understand that you must have a positive good note about your life, not only with the people helping you through Recovery, yet also with those things you care to spend your time with.
Have you met someone new who has become a friend?
*Excerpt from “Choose Well Your Fellow Travelers”,
“You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought”
By John Rogers and Peter McWilliams

By Donald Sammons

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