Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Well the guy from Social Security never called back, so I did some calling to Social Security. Two different people I talked to from the national office and the office where you are supposed to pay back to in California. Both of them quoted me two different amounts that I owe and those amounts were also different from the amount on the letter they sent. A big organization like Social Security cannot use a calculator to come up with the same amount and they were really different. I have not even brought up the letter I have where they say they owe me. I called my new case manager at the local office, he had told me before to go in and he would seem me. Now he tells me “you do not have to see me, just come in and fill out the appeal form.” As I stated earlier in the system blog, they lost my earlier appeal, which was against my former case manager for not doing her job for quite awhile. It was filled out while she was still working there, I believe she took before she left or destroyed it. This time I am getting the papers, and bringing them home, and filling them out and copying them before I return them. I have my paystubs to back up, my version of events. I hope they are prepared. Although with three different amounts and a person who told me last time there records are all screwed up, I doubt it. This is going to last another three months. I cannot file a small claims suit until all appeals are finished with Social Security. At least talking to all these people has helped me remember names and dates that I had forgot. I just do not like how it is dragging on. Also trying to not let it stress me out, although I think I’m more angry, than stressed.

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