Friday, February 5, 2010

Determined to become

Determination is that which happens in every human involving all our choices, determined by the past of which our freedom of choice may seemingly be only an illusion. Determination dictates that every one of our choices as well as our decisions which we have is with a purpose because of the past, and the consequences are a part of our free will. All of our choices result from nature and these being decisions, a part of our motives.
In seeking recovery, you must possess determination. A person must be unyielding and have a purpose, believe; one being, to become wholesome and stable minded. We cannot be intent on sitting on the corner anymore or waiting for the sunrise to set. We have to learn to decide without any hesitation and face the world, whether we are accepted or not.
Where in our weakness we feared, we must become strong, through hope, with faith, remaining constant with the idea that newer associations and caring people, who can trust us with their ideas, can help us become new, in our belief that we can move onward in the world, without destitution, beyond our disabilities, or our addictions.Written by Donald S. 02/02/2010

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