Monday, February 8, 2010

Through Dedication we are Heroes

I am entering the office where I work at, when I was shaken to find someone sitting at my desk. The first thing I thought was I have been sent to the moon, then the second thing I thought was that I was being replaced, by a young woman who looked as if she was about to climb Mount Everest. I really didn’t know what to think and after that and several days later I was able to manage some words and live in fear; yet she turned out to be somewhat a very nice person. She was going to college for computer programming and by her conversation was maintaining a very good average in her studies, she had lost her child in a car accident some time before and through her conversation I could tell she dwelt on that a lot; she was also working here with our team, where I work with several other people who are also so very intelligent only temporarily while still attending school. I felt kind of lowly because she displayed something I had never witnessed, it’s called dedication. Her allegiance to what she was striving toward was to me phenomenal, and she new what she was talking about when it came to computers, and though she was not as hard core a computer programmer as my co-worker, she gave me a bit more enthusiasm and zeal towards wanting to become a better Evaluation and Research Assistant than what I thought I was being. Dedication makes heroes. It builds consistency within people and esteem within when you understand those who are working hard toward their goals with the hardships that they have faced. I at one time began letting my self down and had lost my self-esteem and gave away my single mindedness, my inner devotion because of a hardship; yet slowly I crept back into the world and to watch this young woman with all that she had to carry , the death, the pain, the willingness to survive and maintain her stature in college and at work made me feel as if I could shower her with gratitude for being my hero for a moment and showing me that life can go on, through any obstacle and that we are all heroes as long as we keep faith.
Written by Donald Sammons

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