Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am writing this for a couple of reasons. My family is my main support system and also my grandfather recently passed away. It happened last Thursday, on his 87th birthday. I did not realize how much he loved birthdays and parties until I thought about it. As I said in an earlier blog titled “Paranoid Schizophrenic” how I was insane and ended up in the state hospital. Before I went to the state hospital, I was waiting in jail still insane as they gave me no medication. My grandfather came to see me for my birthday and other times. Although I remember my birthday there because when I am insane I do not talk. So I just listened to him and thought crazy thoughts. All my family never forgot and supported me through all I ever went through. I can never fully repay them in any form. They were there even when told to let me go and sink or swim by myself. I really would not be where I am today without them. They were there to lean on when times were good and times were bad. While we were waiting, because we knew my grandfather was dying, my cousins and an uncle came to visit him before he died. I had not seen one cousin since I was eighteen and lived in Portland, Oregon. The other cousins live in Washington State. One cousin wrote to me when I was in the state hospital and I met her and her son for the first time. Life is short and when family lives far away, you hardly see each other over the years. I know my grandfather is in a better place and not in pain anymore. I must head back to Portland in a couple of years to see how it has changed. One of my favorite songs from the 70s is the O’jays “Family Reunion” it reminds me of an Aunt who used to have barbecues in the park for the whole family. I will always remember all our family reunions. Will you?

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