Monday, February 15, 2010


Motivation has a color within the eyes, gray; cold blue and dark is being without its direction. Having a reason for doing something, it is as sunlight, clear and forever crossing the universe. Some people lose their way, crossing into the storm before clear skies the turmoil changing the way they began to build their reality.
Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia to name a few of the maladies which have become mortal enemies to the life and endeavors of people who once thought they could lift the mountains beyond the seas can be slowly relinquished. Motivation becomes blue as the sky, as we seek through reason to carry on, forward to greater endeavors. Yet, often we sit and think, then lose thoughts, eventually hope of sailing beyond the storm which has invaded our minds. Many of us turn to drugs, alcohol, degrading ourselves in public, losing the last vestiges of wealth in belief we can become something we are not; life becomes insanity.
At MHCD, many have crossed that threshold, and have begun to return to face life without fear or mental instability, holding on to something newer than the cold gray blue dark pessimisms of life or ideas of rejection or a narcotized dream. Recovery begins with acceptance and reason, the attitudes which lead to what you can believe and what you can see and tell yourself, defining what you have experienced as the therapist gives you the building blocks to begin putting your life together with part of that new ship to cross the seas.
Though some of us make use of medications, with which to stand, this doesn’t mean we are apt to forever fail; we only cross the barriers much more slowly, gathering momentum with our hope for only one reason, to understand in what we believe and with determination.
I must act
Ideas are borne silently
Rain falls quietly

Written by
Donald Sammons
February 14, 2010

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