Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was reading a small article that states “Psychosis keeps up with the times. It talks about how delusions keep up with what is going on in the world at the present time. For example “…more patients after 1950 believe they are being spied upon is consistent with the development of related technology and the advent of the Cold War.” That is very interesting because my delusion when I was mentally ill was that there was a transmitter in my teeth that was reading my mind. One other person in the State hospital with me had the same delusion. I had that delusion after reading an article in the National Enquirer about them putting transmitters in people. I never asked the other person who had the same delusion as me where he received his delusion from. I guess you can come up with a lot of delusions when you are mentally ill. I would not believe that story when I was well, but it just stuck with me for some reason. When I was mentally ill a second time in the State Hospital, I was taking a typing program on and Apple computer. I had to ask them to take me back to my room because the words were jumping out at me. That has never happen again. Although I will always remember that day, because it is strange how modern technology can fuel delusions. Now that I am on medicine I know longer have those delusions. I can work on a computer without words coming at me and it is great.

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