Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am writing another blog on health again, although I think you will find this one a little different than the other blogs. Health is still very much in the news. There is one article titled “Is our obsession with weight misguided.” In this article the author says “being overweight or obese does not put people at significant health risk.” You are probably saying how this could be. Well she goes on to say “Rather, factors like fitness, activity, nutrient intake, weight cycling, or socioeconomic status are far more important in determining disease risk.” It is not your size that puts you at risk. What the article does say is that you cannot just sit in front of a TV and eat junk food. I do not eat that much junk food at all. Although I am trying to not just be a couch potato. With spring coming I am finding myself wanting to go out and take a walk around the pond in my apartment complex. To get some daylight and meet people that also lives there. All I see now is the people who live close to me. My apartment complex is very large. There a lot of people who live there to meet. With spring coming the swimming will start again. That is also good exercise - like work, walking and meeting people. It also takes your mind off problems. It makes them easier to solve. The important thing about this article is not how big you are but how fit you are. Do not just sit around but get out an exercise.


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