Monday, April 4, 2011

Physical and Mental Health

As I have wrote about in previous blogs, people with mental illnesses die 25 years younger than the rest of the population. It is not because of mental illness, but complications from diabetes, and other physical causes. Also I have recently found out because my Aunt has diabetes, that if you get diabetes, you have it for the rest of your life, however if you exercise and eat right, they take you off insulin or pills. If you do not continue to live that same life style that you have. Then diabetes will resurface ten or more years down the road. It is good to have your physical health checked. If you exercise, and receive check ups regularly also eat right a person with a mental illness should live a lot longer. I know all people have a drive to live as long as the can. As I have said before I do want to see my youngest grandchild get married and see him have a good life before I die. That is one reason I exercise and eat smaller portions. I still have sweets during the week. Although it is not everyday, what I usually snack on at night when I am home is a combination of nuts and craisans that I mix together. If you do not have exercise equipment, walking helps tremendously. I know when I walk I sometimes depending on how much I walk, I feel a lot better. MHCD has two programs that deal with your physical health. The programs are Pricare and Integrated Primary Care and Wellness. It is good too have them combined with mental health. People can get checkups regularly this way.

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