Monday, April 25, 2011

Spirituality in Mental Health

What is spirituality and what is its relationship to Mental Health? Spirituality is a belief in a power greater than you; it is a sense of connection and an awareness of life and such values. Personal spirituality can exist outside of anyone religion, yet the acts of compassion, peace and one’s personal nature involving life are also a part of spirituality. In the past, in the early beginnings of Medicine, the ideology of body and spirit were melded together; yet with the technological revolution and “enlightenment”, spirituality has become distant and slowly removed from the Medical system.
Faith, Hope, Forgiveness, Love and support from society and family and prayer are a part of not only religion, yet also exist with social groups and other networks, in order to improve not only peoples coping mechanisms, yet to help them with social acceptance, positive and negative emotions, behavioral skills, depression, anxiety and stress. So although spiritualism of the past may not be the instance in the 21st century of curing maladies and illness’ and abating such, it is a part of the connection which lends strength to those who are willing to believe.
In Mental Health we search the avenues for creativity, nature, dignity and to have closeness with others we can trust; a sense of life. What is found that in all that is sought, outside of religion, is no different than an association with Mental Health; teaching spiritual skills in which all the above mentioned can help anyone to become a better person, it you are willing to make a commitment.
Written by Donald Sammons

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